Welcome To Neighborhood Property Management, Inc

Neighborhood Property Management is pleased to have the opportunity to introduce our company and services. Neighborhood Property Management, Inc is a full service commercial and residential property management company.

Our team of managers, assistant managers and support staff are dedicated to bringing the highest level of quality service to your property. We will cater to the individual needs of your property or community. We offer complete servicing in administration, financial management, and property maintenance. We have also implemented the latest technological advances in the management industry to solve the complex issues related to the proper management of your property.

Neighborhood Property Management's goal when it comes to community associations is to guide the board of directors in maintaining the beauty and value of the community, and protect and enhance the investment of each owner.

The Manager will collect, organize and maintain in the Management office, all Association information, including but not limited to the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Declaration of Covenants, conditions and restrictions, site plans, owner lists, correspondence, rules and regulations, specification, corporate minutes, all maintenance and service contracts in effect and the necessary administrative financial information related to the Association. The Manager will attend one regularly scheduled Board of Directors monthly meeting and the Manager will present monthly Action Plan and Recommendations. The Manager will keep the Board advised of changes in Association’s law as such information is provided to the Manager.

When you select Neighborhood Property Management, you select an entire team dedicated to the needs of your community or property.

Resolve All Condo-Related Emergencies:

The Manager will maintain a twenty-four (24) hour M-SU emergency call system. After Business Hour Emergency Phone Number: 305.896.9809

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